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PowerVR Kyro/KyroII

Verze: 2.00.20-180
Adresa: http://www.powervr.com/downloads.asp


The Imagination Technologies Linux Beta 1 driver kit provides 2D and 3D acceleration for the PowerVR KYRO family of graphics chips running in 16 and 32 bpp depths. The drivers are based on the standard DRI mechanism shipped with XFree86 > 4.0 and support the Red Hat, SuSE and Mandrake Linux distributions


No multiple video card support. This will be supported in a future

No AGP support in this release means 3D will be slower than under
windows (AGP cards will behave as PCI cards). AGP will be supported
in a future release.

Mode timing (besides vertical refresh) and sync polarity from the
XF86Config mode lines are ignored by the driver. This will be
resolved in a future release.

This driver has not been tested on SMP systems.

Tuxracer commercial version will not run. Issue is being discussed
with tuxracer developers.

The driver does not currently support gamma table modification. This
will be supported in a future release.

When running Mandrake with KDE, if an OpenGL application is forcibly
terminated then there may be leftovers on the desktop. This appears
to be caused by a combination of the version of KDE shipped with
Mandrake and the DRI infrastructure.


Please report bugs to:


As these drivers are unsupported beta drivers we cannot guarantee that
bugs will be fixed, but we will do our best.

When filing a bug report, please include the following information:

Type of KYRO card
Version of PowerVR drivers
Motherboard chipset
Amount of memory
Kernel version
Linux distribution
XFree86 version
Window manager and/or desktop environment
Application (and version) experiencing the problem
Steps to reproduce the problem

For general queries or comments regarding the PowerVR Linux drivers,
write to:


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