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Jabra EVOLVE 65

Identifikace pod Linuxem

Requesting information ...
	BD Address:  74:5C:4B:EF:23:4F
	Device Name: Jabra EVOLVE 65
	LMP Version: 4.0 (0x6) LMP Subversion: 0x25f8
	Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio (10)
	Features page 0: 0xbf 0xfe 0x8f 0xfe 0x98 0xbf 0x59 0x83
		3-slot packets 5-slot packets encryption slot offset 
		timing accuracy role switch sniff mode RSSI 
		channel quality SCO link HV2 packets HV3 packets 
		u-law log A-law log CVSD paging scheme power control 
		transparent SCO broadcast encrypt EDR ACL 2 Mbps 
		EDR ACL 3 Mbps enhanced iscan interlaced iscan 
		interlaced pscan inquiry with RSSI extended SCO 
		AFH cap. slave AFH class. slave 3-slot EDR ACL 
		5-slot EDR ACL sniff subrating pause encryption 
		AFH cap. master AFH class. master EDR eSCO 2 Mbps 
		3-slot EDR eSCO extended inquiry simple pairing 
		encapsulated PDU non-flush flag LSTO inquiry TX power 
		extended features 
	Features page 1: 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

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